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Khaled Mohamed Khaled, identified professionally as DJ Khaled, is an American DJ, record executive, songwriter, record producer, author and media star. Terror squad to hire Khaled as the DJ for their live performances. After gaining some production credits on the group’s material. Khaled then transitioned into curating albums, releasing his debut studio album Listennn the album in 2006 which, earned gold certification. When Khaled was 17, his social wealth was beginning to set. He was experiencing great results in his activities as a street DJ. Parties were thrown and was, becoming more convinced that Khaled wanted to make being a DJ a profession.

During his career, Khaled became introduced to many young artists and helped them before their breakthrough these include, Birdman, Lil Wayne and Mavado. So here we WPB Suggest brings you the finest DJ Khaled Quotes to share with your pals and get motivated. “You Know What I am Saying” ~ Dj Khaled

DJ Khaled Quotes & Sayings

  • “Ya, I represent loyalty. I am loyalty. I am the definition of loyalty.”


  • “They don’t wanna see you successful.”


  • “I don’t think anyone in my life has ever believed in me more than DJ Khaled thankyou Khaled.”


  • “They don’t want you to.”


  • “Don’t ever play yourself.”


  • “Keep two rooms cooking at the same time.”
DJ Khaled Quotes & Sayings
You gotta water your plants. Nobody can water them for you
  • “One spliff a day ah keep the evil away.”


  • “You say he’s the one for you, then complain how he don’t show you.”


  • “I feel you we like to eat in peace.”


  • “They took my elevator, I said f**kit, I’m taking the steps.”


  • “Don’t deny the heat.”


  • “Go hard and watch the sunrise, one night’ll change your whole life.”


  • “A rebel is a warrior, just give him a cause.”


  • “There will be road blocks but we will overcome them.”


  • “Those that weather the storm r the great ones!.”


  • “They ladies calm down when they look in my eyes.”


  • “Good music doesn’t have an expiration date.”


  • “Give thanks to the most high.”


  • “We the best.”


  • “God has blessed me to see the luxury side of things.”


  • “They don’t want us to win.”


  • “They will try to stop you. We won’t let they stop us. Keep your eye on the prize.”
DJ Khaled Quotes
Embrace your blessings, embrace peace
  • “Almond milk, Cinnamon toast crunch major key to success.”


  • “Baby u smart u very smart.”


  • “Good morning. Bless up.”


  • “Another one.”

DJ Khaled Quotes About Success

  • “Follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you.”


  • “Good morning. Washes face in the shower keep your face clean.”


  • “They want to kick you when you’re down, but want to kick it with you when you’re up.”


  • “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express not to impress.”


  • “I’m gonna go hard no matter what because I gotta feed my family and I gotta feed myself.”
DJ Khaled Quotes About Success
They don’t wanna see you successful
  • “God has blessed me because I think. No, I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing. But the only downfall about it is that I really don’t have anybody to do that for me. But it makes me super strong because I do know that if I’m having a bad day, I can come up here and make the Ebro and y’all laugh and smile.”


  • “Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s almost impossible to drive a jet ski at night time unless you’re in a city with lights lit up so you can navigate. Besides being pitch black, that water turns black at night. Listen, I don’t recommend it.”


  • “What’s so beautiful about Miami is that we support each other. We’re just one big family, not just the entertainers, just everyone in general.”


  • “I don’t have no favourite rock bands. I’m a fan of rock music though.”


  • “They will try to close the door on you, just open it.”


  • “You can never run out of keys.”


  • “You gotta water your plants. Nobody can water them for you.”


  • “Hate is a waste of emotion, tell em to jump in the ocean.”


  • “God is the greatest. So at the end of the day and beginning of the day, I thank God.”


  • “They are the people that don’t believe in you, that says that you won’t succeed. We stay away from ‘They.”


  • “Watch your back, but more importantly when you get out the shower, dry your back. It’s a cold world out there.”


  • “You do know it costs money to put a t-shirt on your back? You do know it cost money to have a house? You do know it costs money to eat? Get money, don’t let these people fool you.”


  • “To succeed, you must believe. When you believe, you will succeed.”


  • “Walk with me through the pathway to more success.”
Success DJ Khaled Quotes
Sometimes all you need is a billion-dollars
  • “I wake up every day inspiring myself. Because God gave me life.”


  • “Love is the most powerful thing in the world, and you know, what love brings is joy.”


  • “Give thanks at all times, we have life.”


  • “Keep people around you that’s going to uplift you.”


  • “You gotta understand: I believe a woman should praise the man, the king. If you holding it down for your woman, I feel like the woman should praise. And the man should praise the queen.”

DJ Khaled Major Key Quotes

  • “I wanted to see what type of trees is growing in Marcy Projects, what type of water Jay Z was drinking.”


  • “I’m all about peace. I’m all about unity. I’m all about love.”


  • “Embrace your blessings, embrace peace.”


  • “Don’t fall for the trap. Stay focused. It’s about staying focused but at the same time God is the greatest, pray it up.”


  • “They don’t want you to win. They don’t want you to have the No. 1 record in the country. They don’t want you to get healthy. They don’t want you to exercise. And they don’t want you to have that view.”
DJ Khaled Major Key Quotes
Don’t ever play yourself
  • “My fans expect me to be greater and keep being great.”


  • “I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people, and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing.”


  • “Everybody around me had a Snapchat, and I said I would never get on it. I’m still on Instagram, you know? They convinced me to get Snapchat.”


  • “The other day the grass was brown. Now it’s green cuz I ain’t give up. Never surrender.”


  • “They don’t want you to jetski they don’t want you to smile.”


  • “They don’t want us to win, so we’re going to win.”


  • “Sometimes all you need is a billion dollars.”


  • “I feel like people can relate to me because we all go through wins and roadblocks and passion and pain, and it’s a vibe.”


  • “Meeting President Obama was amazing. Very inspiring.”


  • “Baby, you smart. I want you to film me taking a shower.”


  • “When I turn in my list, obviously every record was important to me. I didn’t just put records on there to put records on there. I was excited that “All I Do Is Win” could go on there because you hear it at the end of the game and that represents victory. That’s undeniable. You can’t hate on that, it’s impossible.”


  • “When you stop making excuses and you work hard and go hard you will be very successful.”


  • “They kick you when you’re down, but they wanna kick it when you’re up.”


  • “More wins, more blessings.”
DJ Khaled Sayings
More wins, more blessings
  • “Love to everybody who is out there progressing and taking things to the next level.”


  • “I’m just changing the game because I know what the fans want and the people want ’cause I’m a fan of hip-hop.”


  • “We have to get money. We have no choice. It cost money to eat.”


  • “You smart you very smart you the best.”


  • “Now I have the energy that I love and need!! this a special energy my son gives me !!!”

DJ Khaled Quotes Funny

  • “I know love is the answer.”


  • “When my record comes on, you know that’s a DJ Khaled record. That’s my formula, and the people love it.”


  • “I put together amazing records, whether that’s finding the beat or putting the right hook on there, and picking the right artists on the record. That’s me being an A&R. And I’m making sure that they give me their best.”


  • “We want justice, but at the same time, we gotta love and come together and bring unity, and I feel it’s gonna happen.”


  • “I stayed focused, and I never surrendered, and now I’ve been blessed. now I take care of my mother, my father, and my entire whole family.”
DJ Khaled Quotes Funny
There will be road blocks but we will overcome them
  • “Winning to me is easy winning more is the challenge.”


  • “Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now.”


  • “Smh they get mad when u have joy.”


  • “The key to more success is cocoa butter.”


  • “Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.”


  • “The key is that I’m the king.”


  • “Be a star. Be a Superstar.”


  • “Almond milk + cinnamon crunch = major key to success.”


  • “Stay positive but stay focused. Sometimes things can distract you and you don’t want to be distracted on the journey to that mountain top.”


  • “Have faith in God. Stay focused.”


  • “The weather is amazing. Walk with me through the pathway to more success. Take this journey with me. “


  • “It’s important to shape up your hedges. It’s like getting a haircut. Stay fresh.”


  • “Working all winter Shining all summer.”
DJ Khaled Image
To succeed, you must believe when you believe you will succeed
  • “All I do is win, win, win no matter what.”


  • “For a date night with my girlfriend, we go to Zuma for Japanese.”


  • “It feels good being a restaurant owner because it’s part of my dreams of being the biggest mogul.”


  • “I’m honoured that everybody’s inspired off my inspiration.”


  • “Believe in your flyness conquer your shyness.”

DJ Khaled Lyrics Quotes

  • “Can deal with everything. I got the answer to anything.”


  • “It’s safe to say headphones is good business.”


  • “Bless up. Don’t play yourself.”


  • “One of my keys to success is a lot of pillows. I feel like a lot of pillows is important to relax each piece of your body.”


  • “I’m all about love.”
DJ Khaled Lyrics Quotes
Good Morning. Bless Up
  • “I can deal with everything. I got the answer to anything.”


  • “I always make my dreams into goals.”


  • “Lil Wayne, that’s my brother. Birdman, that’s family.”


  • “Have good relationships keep your face clean out there.”


  • “That’s what we provide you know what I’m saying. When you get DJ Khaled you sound bites. You get documentaries. My interviews will play ten years from now. I ain’t regular like these other people. This is DJ Khaled, this is a special cloth alert.”


  • “They never said winning was easy.”


  • “It’s simple: Give thanks and use Dove.”


  • “In life, everyone has a choice. The key is: make the right choice.”


  • “I can move any crowd.”


  • “Wake up early and give thanks to the most high.”


  • “Ride with me through the journey of more success.”


  • “Wise up. Rise up. Bless up.”


  • “The minute we think we went hard, go harder. We gotta work.”


  • “I know there are certain things I just can’t win.”


  • “You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!.”


  • “Life is amazing, always give thanks no matter what.”


  • “I changed… a lot”


  • “Support me.”


  • “I’m cut from a special fabric.”


  • “Key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.”

DJ Khaled Caption Image

  • “So important to keep the pathway of success clean.”


  • “When the ladies look into my eyes they fall in love.”


  • “Another one, no. Another two, drop two singles at a time.”


  • “Clearing my mind with positive vibes.”

DJ Khaled Quotes For Instagram

  • “I ain’t regular like these other people. This is DJ Khaled. This is a special cloth alert.”


  • “I have the key to success. Let me inspire you.”


  • “Congratulations, you played yourself.”


  • “I’m going, to be honest, I would love for Flava Flav to be president. It would bring a lot of excitement to the country.”


  • “If you think of something negative and you keep it in your head, you are going to actually live that. Now, if you think of something great and positive and joyful, you’re going to actually live that. You’ve got to be careful what you put in your head. Basically, I’ll call that: “Don’t ever play yourself.”


  • “I took the top off the Maybach, I took the top off another one I took the top off the Maybach, I took the top off.”


  • “Enjoy life man, live it up.”
DJ Khaled Quotes For Instagram
Work for a cause, not for applause live life to express not to impress
  • “We all want to win more, but it’s all about being blessed and embracing your blessings.”


  • “Everyone deserves to live like kings & Queens, that’s a major key. I made this collection exclusively for fan love to share how important our homes are and to bring we the best lifestyle into your sacred place.”


  • “Love is the key. Giving your children joy and happiness. When you give it to them, you will receive it as well.”


  • “Do you see that bamboo? ain’t nothing like bamboo. Bless up.”


  • “Keep all jealous people away from you.”


  • “It’s so real out here right now. The only reason why you see anything is cuz I got the flash.”


  • “If I’m in the hood, I like Chef Creole’s Haitian rice and stewed chicken.”


  • “Always have faith. Always have hope.”
More DJ Khaled Quotes
We The Best
  • “It’s a vibe.”


  • “I’m officially going back to eating clean and my daily work out.”


  • “To keep the business going, you gotta keep it boomin’.”

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