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Justin Drew Bieber has emerged as the new face of the industry. Also at, 21 Justin Bieber, the boy who played for real money on the streets of the small Canadian town and now plays in crowded stadiums, around the globe. Scooter Braun discovered it when he was 13, after watching Bieber’s cover videos on YouTube. Bieber quickly established himself as a teenage idol.

Justin Bieber
I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more oh if that’s what it takes to learn that sweetheart of yours

“Where Are U Now”, a collaboration with Skrillex & Diplo launched in 2015, marked a new era in Justin Bieber’s career when he moved to EDM. The song earned him a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. With the album Changes, he became the youngest solo artist to record seven No. 1 albums in the United States.

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The Justin Bieber Quotes

  • “Lovin’ you now, a little more tomorrow That’s how I feel, act like you know that you are”


  • “We got it both admitted It’s funny we both listen It’s a blessing ’cause we both get it”


  • “You the best thing and I don’t need a witness”


  • “I didn’t wanna write a song Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care I don’t but, you still hit my phone up”
The Justin Bieber Quotes
I appreciate you god bless your maker
  • “If you like the way you look that much Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself”


  • “If you think that I’m still holdin’ on to somethin’ You should go and love yourself”


  • “For all the times that you made me feel small I fell in love, now I feel nothin’ at all”


  • “Had never felt so low when I was vulnerable Was I a fool to let you break down my walls?”


  • “You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies”


  • “Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’m missing more than just your body”


  • “I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two”


  • “Even though it’s a struggle love is all we got So we gonna keep  climbin’ till the mountain top”


  • “Your world is my world And my fight is your fight My breath is your breath And your heart is my heart”


  • “I know where I’ll be Right by your side ’cause she is the one For me”
Love The Justin Bieber Quotes
Hey, it’s a blessing that you’re in my life
  • “I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours”


  • “If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life I’m gonna love you”


  • “When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin’? Everything, I wanna know it all”

Justin Bieber Captions

  • “You said you needed a little time from my mistakes It’s funny how you used that time to have me replaced”


  • “If you’re trying to break my heart It’s working cause you know”


  • “I need to know should I fight for our love Or disarm It’s getting harder to shield
    This pain in my heart”
Justin Bieber Captions
If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go
  • “I never had the strength To take it higher Until I reached the point Of no return”


  • “There’s just no turning back When your heart’s under attack Gonna give everything I have It’s my destiny”


  • “I will never say never I will fight I will fight ’til forever To make it right”


  • “Whenever you knock me down I will not stay on the ground Pick it up, pick it up”


  • “Girl, come a bit closer, look in my eyes Searching is so wrong, I’m Mr. Right”


  • “You seem like the type to love ’em and leave ‘em And disappear right after this song”


  • “Smile on your face, even though your heart is frowning”


  • “As long as you love me We could be starving We could be homeless We could be broke”


  • “We don’t need no wings to fly Just take my hand”


  • “Used to tell me sky’s the limit, now the sky’s our point of view”


  • “The grass ain’t always greener on the other side It’s green where you water it”


  • “I know, we got issues baby, But I’d rather work on this with you Than to go ahead and start with someone new”


  • “If you let me inside of your world There’d be the one less lonely girl”


  • “Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you you Now all I see is you”


  • “Don’t need these other pretty faces like I need you”
Justin Bieber Image Quotes
Don’t make any sense in you being lonely
  • “I’m gonna put you first I’ll show you what you’re worth If you let me inside your world”


  • “I can fix up your broken heart I can give you a brand new start I can make you believe I just wanna set one girl free to fall, Fall in love With me”


  • “Her hearts locked and nowhere to get the key I’ll take her and leave the world with one less lonely girl”

Justin Bieber Quotes Images

  • “Let’s set each other’s lonely nights Be each other’s paradise”


  • “I don’t know your name But I feel like that’s gonna change”


  • “You ain’t gotta be my lover for you to call me baby”
Justin Bieber Quotes Images
For you I’d be running a thousand miles just to get where you are
  • “Can we keep, keep each other company Maybe we, can be, be each other’s company”


  • “Just wanna have a conversation Forget about the obligations”


  • “If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go”


  • “I don’t know ’bout me but I know about you”


  • “I’d like to be everything you want”


  • “If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone I can be a gentleman, anything you want”


  • “I am make you shine bright like you’re laying in the snow burr”


  • “When you come around me Treat me like you miss me Even though you been with me”
Just Bieber handsome
I was born ready for you
  • “My life is a movie And everyone’s watchin’ So let’s get to the good part And past all the nonsense”


  • “Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing When the pressure’s coming down like lightning”


  • “It’s like they want me to be perfect When they don’t even know that I’m hurtin’”

Justin Bieber Quotes Funny

  • “Life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real”


  • “Act like you know me, but you never will”


  • “I gotta learn things Learn them the hard way Gotta see what it feels like No matter what they say”
Justin Bieber Quotes Funny
I will never say never I will fight I will fight til forever to make it right
  • “For you I’d write a symphony I’d tell the violins it’s time to sink or swim Watch them play for you”


  • “For you I’d be Running a thousand miles Just to get where you are”


  • “I don’t need a whole lot coming from you”


  • “I admit I’d rather give you the world Or we can share mine”


  • “I know I won’t be the first one Giving you all this attention”


  • “I just need somebody to love I don’t need too much just somebody to love”


  • “Our feelings, they go deep, deeper than the touching Deeper than the ocean, so we ain’t never rushing through”


  • “Our days, or our nights, ain’t no repercussions Never get enough, I’m only for your consumption”


  • “My love for you’s habitual, yeah Not for a moment, but forever”


  • “Can’t nobody keep me like you Call it unconventional Our love is habitual”


  • “Just to think that we’ve been out here this whole time Workin’ through the seasons Never crossed paths ’til we had a reason”
Justin Bieber Caption & Sayings
You ain’t gotta be my lover for you to call me baby
  • “Feels like time’s moving in slow motion Just trying to occupy my mind So that I don’t go looney over you”


  • “Just trying to amplify the sound To drown out all of this need for you”


  • “Distance only made us grow fonder Of one another Be honest, what’s your E.T.A.?”


  • “Love me hard like, “Where you been?” Love me like you don’t want it to end”

Justin Bieber Song Quotes

  • “I was born ready for you”


  • “Only place I wanna be In the bed, where we lay our head”


  • “I wait on you Forever Any day Hand and foot Your world Is my world”
Justin Bieber Song Quotes
You the best thing & i don’t need a witness
  • “Ain’t no way You ever Gonna get any Less than you should”


  • “If you need me I come runnin’ From a thousand miles away”


  • “When you smile I smile”


  • “Baby take my Open heart And all it offers”


  • “I won’t ever Hesitate To give you more”


  • “Baby you won’t ever want for nothing You are my ins and my means now With you there’s no in between I’m all in”


  • “My cards are on the table And I’m willing and I’m able But I fold To your wish”


  • “Every time I go the wrong way you turn me back around”


  • “Do you wanna look at me forever, ever, ever?”


  • “You still intimidate me Keep me up on my toes now”


  • “Better man, what you made me Made me aware of what I was missing”
Smile Justin Bieber
Smile on your face, even though your heart is frowning
  • “I was busy focusing on being by myself Set my feelings to the side they all got dusty on a shelf You wiped them down when I had nothing left”


  • “I don’t wanna act like I can fix this I don’t wanna be the one that’s changed since Texas”


  • “Currency, it comes so naturally But I can’t buy your love”

Justin Bieber Inspirational Quotes

  • “I wish that I could give you what you deserve”


  • “Nothing can ever, ever replace you Nothing can make me feel like you do”


  • “You know there’s no one, I can relate to And know we won’t find a love that’s so true”
Justin Bieber Inspirational Quotes
We don’t need any wings to fly just take my hand
  • “There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me Together through the storm”


  • “There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me Together”


  • “I gave you everything, baby, everything I had to give”


  • “You know I’m used to making your day But that is the past now, we didn’t last now I guess that this is meant to be”


  • “They say that hate has been sent So let loose the talk of love Before they outlaw the kiss”


  • “There’s a dream that I’ve been chasing Want so badly for it to be reality And when you hold my hand Then I understand that it’s meant to be”


  • “It’s like an angel came by and took me to heaven Like you took me to heaven”


  • “When I stare in your eyes, it couldn’t be better I don’t want you to go”


  • “This life’s too long and this love’s too strong So baby, know for sure that I’ll never let you go”
Lonely Justin Bieber Quotes
If you’re trying to break my heart it’s working cause you know
  • “I got my favorite girl Not feeling no pain, no fear Don’t have a care in the world Why would I when you are here”


  • “Take my hand, let’s just dance Watch my feet, follow me Don’t be scared, girl, I’m here If you didn’t know, this is love”


  • “Don’t shed a tear Whenever you need me, I’ll be here”


  • “Thinking ’bout you, it ain’t always about me”

More Justin Bieber Quotes

  • “Don’t mean to sound desperate But you made it like this”


  • “Don’t make any sense in you being lonely”


  • “I was just about to call it what you thinking Been thinking about you, can’t get this vision out my head”
More Justin Bieber Quotes
Even though it’s a struggle love is all we got so we gonna keep climbin till the mountain top
  • “Got a grip, I’m holding onto everything you say”


  • “I get frustrated when your busy Lately that’s been more than often, baby”


  • “Convinced I’m the only one, tripping in my head Because in reality, you live in my bed”


  • “I’m supposed to hold on to everything you said Yes or no question, don’t leave it unread”


  • “I can feel you Even though I haven’t touched you Yeah, that’s what love is”


  • “You can trust me After all the lies I told you Yeah, that’s what love is”


  • “Don’t nobody else deserve my time”


  • “I reach out to you But my hands can’t hold enough Enough of your greatness”


  • “Hey, it’s a blessing that you’re in my life”


  • “Make me look even better When we shine, we shine together”


  • “When you demand my presence, it’s hard to read the message I stay on the defense, to take away your leverage ’til you put it in perspective Can’t help but to respect it”
best Justin Bieber Quotes
I wish that I could give you what you deserve
  • “I know what true love is Yeah, down in my soul Far more than you know”


  • “My self esteem gets low, you lift it right up through the ceiling”


  • “Wouldn’t want nobody else by my side”


  • “I appreciate you God bless your maker”

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