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Khalid, a multiplatform indie and five-time Grammy nominee, has grown from a D.I.Y. to an international superstar by creatively dedicating himself to independence. In 2019, Khalid was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”. Khalid Donnel Robinson better known by his unique name Khalid. He is a role model for many aspiring artists who want to make music as a career.

He is famous for his song “LONDON,” which reached the top ten in various categories on Billboard. Tunji Balogun, Executive Vice President of A&R, RCA Records, who discovered Khalid through SoundCloud. Also, Khalid is a kind person with strong and heartfelt words.

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Khalid Quotes
Find someone you know will put you first. Find someone who loves you at your worst

Khalid Quotes

  • “So you’re still thinking of me Just like I know you should”


  • “I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could”


  • “I’m so high at the moment I’m so caught up in this”


  • “Yeah, we’re just young, dumb and broke But we still got love to give”


  • “We have so much in common We argue all the time You always say I’m wrong I’m pretty sure I’m right”
Khalid Quotes Image
If I’m the only one that you’re choosin am I your favorite drug you’ve been usin?
  • “What’s fun about commitment? When we have our life to live”


  • “Jump then we think, leave it all in the game of love”


  • “Run into sin, do it all in the name of fun”


  • “Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are”


  • “I’m on the other side, it’s alright, just hold me in the dark”


  • “No one’s got to know what we do, hit me up when you’re bored”


  • “’Cause I live down the street, so we meet when you need it, it’s yours”


  • “All I hear is Nothin’ feels better than this”


  • “We don’t gotta hide This is what you like, I admit”


  • “You say we’re just friends but I swear when nobody’s around You keep my hand around your neck, we connect, are you feeling it now? ‘Cause I am”


  • “I got so high the other night, I swear to God, I felt my feet leave the ground”


  • “Your back against the wall, this is all we’ve been talkin’ about”


  • “When I was young, I fell in love We used to hold hands, man, that was enough”


  • “Send me your location Let’s focus on communicating ‘Cause I just need the time and place to come through”
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What’s fun about commitment? When we have our life to live
  • “Send me your location Let’s ride the vibrations I don’t need nothing else but you”


  • “At times I wonder why I fool with you But this is new to me, this is new to you”


  • “Initially, I didn’t wanna fall for you”

Khalid Song Quotes

  • “Gather my attention it was all for you, so don’t Take advantage, don’t leave my heart damaged”


  • “To understand that things go a little bit better when you plan it”


  • “I don’t wanna fall in love off of subtweets, so Let’s get personal”


  • “I got a lot of cool spots that we can go Tell me what’s the move and I got you”
Khalid Song Quotes
Moving on seems harder to do when the one that you love moves faster than you.
  • “I’m only acting like this ’cause I like you, Just give me the vibe to slide then”


  • “I might make you mine by the night”


  • “Sorry if it’s hard to catch my vibe”


  • “I need a lover to trust, tell me you’re on my side”


  • “It’s not easy for someone to catch my eye”


  • “I’ve been waitin’ for you for my whole damn life For my whole lifetime”


  • “Don’t be afraid to tell me if you ain’t with it”


  • “I see you’re focused, yeah you’re so independent”


  • “It’s hard for me to open up, I’ll admit it You’ve got some shit to say and I’m here to listen”


  • “So baby, tell me where your love lies Waste the day and spend the night Underneath the sunrise”


  • “I’ve been so into your mystery Is it because of our history? Are you into me?”


  • “When it feels so good, but it’s bad for you”
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You’re followin’ the signs but you’re followin’ the wrong sides, my love
  • “Can’t say I don’t want it ’cause I know I do”


  • “Come on over, I need your company Cravin’ that synergy”


  • “If you’re down, don’t hide it Feelin’ me, you don’t gotta deny it”


  • “Can’t we just talk? Talk about where we’re goin’ Before we get lost”

Khalid Quotes Short

  • “Can’t get what we want without knowin’ I’ve never felt like this before I apologize if I’m movin’ too far”


  • “I can see it in your eyes I can tell that you’re wantin’ more”


  • “What’s been on your mind? There’s no reason we should hide Tell me somethin’ I ain’t heard before”


  • “I’ve been dreamin’ ’bout it And it’s you I’m on So stop thinkin’ ’bout it”
Khalid Quotes Short
It’s crazy how this love thing seems unfair you won’t find a love like mine anywhere.
  • “Saturday nights Blueberry cigarillos Swishers make my throat hurt”


  • “Rolling OCB’s on the side for me Light ’em up and let ’em both burn”


  • “Family feuds, say your mom’s confused Off of shit she doesn’t wanna learn But daddy’s gone, say he’s never home And wishing only makes it worse”


  • “I guess there’s certain dreams that you gotta keep ‘Cause they’ll only know what you let ’em see”


  • “All the things that I know That your parents don’t They don’t care like I do Nowhere like I do”


  • “You’ve got plans wrapped in rubber bands And that’s the only thing you’ll never lose”


  • “There’s nowhere I’d rather be Than right here right around you”


  • “He keeps leaving you for dead I don’t know what you been waiting for”


  • “You don’t know your worth All the things I know that you deserve”


  • “Find someone you know will put you first Find someone who loves you at your worst”


  • “Don’t forget the words I said Picking you up when you’re feelin’ down”


  • “You get strung on thoughts left in your head When you lose hope, soon you will be found”


  • “Damn my car still smells like marijuana My mom is gonna kill me”
Khalid Sayings
I guess there’s certain dreams that you gotta keep ’cause they’ll only know what you let ’em see
  • “Shake away all the stress off my shoulders Going to have a good day”


  • “I’ve never fell in love I’ve saved those feelings for you”


  • “Let’s do all the stupid shit that young kids do”


  • “Know I’ve never really been the smartest Yeah I’ve made my mistakes”

Khalid Twitter Quotes

  • “You were there when times were at their darkest Always showing me the way”


  • “Your love seems to cut me deep the sharpest You’ll always have a part of me”


  • “Losing you has always been the hardest I wish it were the old days”


  • “If you cry in my car, then we’re here all night”
Khalid Twitter Quotes
Life is never easy when you need it to to be
  • “A couple blunts rolled and I got my windows down Said it’s been a while since you been this high”


  • “If you’re waitin’ on love, then you waitin’ for a while”


  • “So you say I’m the type you like keepin’ around”


  • “If I’m the only one that you’re choosin’ Am I your favorite drug you’ve been usin’?”


  • “The hard part always seems to last forever Sometimes I forget that we aren’t together”


  • “Deep down in my heart, I hope you’re doing alright But from time to time I often think of why you aren’t mine”


  • “I’ll keep your number saved ‘Cause I hope one day you’ll get the sense to call me”


  • “I’m hoping that you’ll say You’re missing me the way I’m missing you”


  • “I’ll keep your number saved ‘Cause I hope one day I’ll get the pride to call you To tell you that no one else Is gonna hold you down the way that I do”


  • “I can’t say I’ll be alright without you And I can’t say that I haven’t tried to But, all your stuff is gone I erased all the pictures from my phone”


  • “I hope you think of all the times we shared I hope you’ll finally realize I was the only one who cared”
Khalid Song Quote Image
Moving on seems harder to do when the one that you love moves faster than you
  • “It’s crazy how this love thing seems unfair You won’t find a love like mine anywhere”


  • “I’ll keep your number saved ‘Cause I hope one day I’ll get the pride to call you To tell you that I’m finally over you I’m finally over you”


  • “As time passes, I feel so low Searchin’ for pieces, covering up the holes”

Khalid Quotes For Instagram

  • “I’ll fight for your love, I’ll fight for your soul I’ll throw all of my cares away for you I’ll be there to wait for you”


  • “Maybe you weren’t the one for me But deep down I wanted you to be”


  • “I’ll still see you in my dreams All the things that I did for you, just wasn’t it for you”


  • “I’ll be coasting, roller-coasting Through my emotion”
Khalid Quotes For Instagram
I hope you think of all the times we shared I hope you’ll finally realize I was the only one who cared
  • “I’m hoping that you’ll come back to me”


  • “Moving on seems harder to do When the one that you love moves faster than you”


  • “I gave you my all, I showed the proof of your lies And you weren’t worth it, you don’t deserve me”


  • “As time passes I’m feeling high You’re not the one I’m thinking of tonight”


  • “I may not be over you, but I’ll try inside I’m feeling better now, finally feeling special now”


  • “I noticed you weren’t the one for me”


  • “Can’t count up the times you’ve blown my line And that’s been on my mind a lot lately”


  • “I wanna leave the extra all behind And I know that you wanna be my baby”


  • “We both care about it But arguing with me just isn’t worth it”


  • “Don’t go reachin’ in your bag, I didn’t text you back ’cause I was workin’”


  • “Gave you all the signs Gave you all of my time, my love”
You gotta pay to live and even dying ain’t free
  • “You’re followin’ the signs But you’re followin’ the wrong signs, my love”


  • “I’ll take you home if you let me Just promise you won’t forget me”


  • “The days get brighter when you’re here So I gotta keep you near”

Khalid Quotes Captions

  • “Goin’ crazy and I just can’t get you outta my head”


  • “Love is in the atmosphere, you can feel it in the air Gettin’ hazy and I just can’t get you outta my head”


  • “You locked the door and it’s raining But baby I’m not complaining, no We hit the road and we’re racing”
Khalid Quotes Captions
We’re just young, Dumb and Broke but we still got love to give
  • “You make me super impatient Can you feel the tension? You’ve got my attention”


  • “I know we’re just friends But I’d rather be together”


  • “We’ve been here before, surrounded in the cold”


  • “You take me to places I’ve never known And you push me to places I’ll never go”


  • “I would die for you Tell me the truth Am I all that you would need?”


  • “If we’re keeping it a hundred, you’re all that I need for me”


  • “From the jump until forever from now, I would ride for you”


  • “You got me shot down by love You got my heart now Why won’t you stop now?”


  • “I’ve been through it whole I’ve been through the worst But I never knew how much our love could hurt”


  • “Over my family I put you first”


  • “Writing out my feelings is the only thing that work”


  • “I don’t hear from the friends I thought were mine too But I hold on to the poems I would write you”
Khalid Captions
Run in to sin do it all in the name of fun
  • “Happy seventeen, I saw us two and you saw three I guess our lines are structured like a haiku”


  • “I’m not the best at showing my emotions”


  • “You cut me deep and you left me wide open”


  • “I fought the demons that lie in between us They’d think we’re perfect if they’d ever seen us”

More Khalid Quotes

  • “I guess this sounds like another sad love song”


  • “I can’t get over how it all went wrong But, I let the words come together Then, maybe I’ll feel better”


  • “I took the time to think of what you said You were tap-dancing in my head”


  • “I must be honest, I have a lot of pride But I’m broken inside”
More Khalid Quotes
There’s nowhere I’d rather be than right here right around you
  • “Don’t save me, I’m in no need of savin’”


  • “If you stay with me, I know you need patience”


  • “If you deal with me, I know you know what pain is”


  • “If you’re gonna love me You gotta love all of me You gotta love deeper than that”


  • “If you’re gonna leave me You better run far away I’d hate for you to leave me a chance”


  • “I’m in love with bad luck Move too close, get caught up”


  • “I don’t even like to think about it On my own, but still so crowded”


  • “Walls come down and the guards come up But there’s nowhere to run, I feel surrounded”


  • “Hurt feels better when I’m by myself”


  • “No one really means it when they’re wishing you well”
Khalid Caption Image
I must be honest, I have a lot of pride but I’m broken inside
  • “I got no one to call, no one”


  • “People only love you when they needin’ your wealth”


  • “Damn, layin’ down, starin’ at my ceiling fan Everybody actin’ like they give a damn”


  • “Where is everybody when you need a hand?”


  • “I’ve been burnin’ rubber on the Michelin Flyin’ in the rain like I’m Superman I could say I love it but that just depends”


  • “You’d rather speak more than listen And that’s based off our first impression”


  • “Honey, I forgot to mention I’m so entranced by you, it hurts”


  • “We might be a little late Hey, but at least we’re on our way”


  • “You got too much time to waste Focusing on what people say They might not like that we were right But we’re here to stay”


  • “Leave your sorrow on the table”


  • “Pick up your worries and throw them out the window”


  • “Oh shit, I just graduated I don’t have any obligations So let’s have a little fun”
Khalid Trust
You don’t know your worth all the things that you deserve
  • “Life is never easy when you need it to be”


  • “Try to knock me down, but I get back on my feet”


  • “I’ma keep it movin’, got a hundred things I gotta do today”


  • “People keep on talking ’bout what they wanna be Walking down the line But they don’t live what they preach”


  • “You gotta pay to live and even dying ain’t free”


  • “Had a hundred friends, but I cut ’em off, I don’t need ’em Not like any of them gave a fuck if I was breathin’”
Khalid Strong Quotes
You cut me deep an you left me wide open

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