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Anne Marie Quotes & Sayings

Anne Marie Quotes & Sayings

Annie Marie Quotes & Sayings

Clean Bandit’s Rockabye singer Anne Marie Rose Nicholson is professionally known as Anne Marie. Her professional career as a singer and songwriter began in 2013, as she recorded a solo demo for Rocket Records, Summer Girl. Far, she guested on lead by Magnetic person, through which she got into Rudimental, the English drum and bass based band and shortly Anne-Marie joined the band replacing the vocalist of that band. In 2015, she debuted as the single leading creator with this song Karate. The same year, she released her different singles including Boy, and Do It Right. At the next year, she came out with her single Alarm, which caught those prestigious awards. Wishing Anne Marie a good luck for her future awards by WPB Suggest. Here you will find listed out Anne Marie Quotes & Sayings for our Page Lovers.

Anne Marie Song Quotes

  • “I will always remember The day you kissed my lips”


  • “No, it’s never been better Than the summer of 2002”


  • “We were only eleven But acting like grown-ups”


  • “Dancing on the hood in the middle of the woods On an old Mustang, where we sang Songs with all our childhood friends”


  • “Paint a picture for you and me On the days when we were young”
Anne Marie Song Quotes
If you’re giving all of your money and the time I’m not gonna sit here wasting mine on you. Ciao Adios, I’m done.
  • “We are more than lovers”


  • “Singing at the top of both our lungs On the day we fell in love”


  • “Now we’re under the covers Fast forward to eighteen We are more than lovers Yeah, we are all we need When we’re holding each other I’m taken back to 2002 “


  • “You know I want you It’s not a secret I try to hide”


  • “You know you want me So don’t keep saying our hands are tied”


  • “You claim it’s not in the cards And faith is pulling you miles away”


  • “So who can stop me if I decide it’s on my destiny?”


  • “What if we rewrite the stars? Say you were made to be mine”


  • “Nothing could keep us apart You’ll be the one I was meant to find”
Anne Marie Sayings
I’ll love who I want to love, ’cause this love is gender free.
  • “It’s up to you and it’s up to me No one could say what we get to be”


  • “And maybe the world could be ours tonight”


  • “You think I don’t wanna grow onto you”


  • “We’re able to be just you and me within these walls”


  • “When we go outside you’re gonna wake up And see that it was hopeless after all”


  • “No one can rewrite the stars How can you say you’ll be mine?”


  • “Everything keeps us apart And I’m not the one you were meant to find”


  • “And how come we rewrite the stars? Say that the world can be ours tonight”


  • “All I want is to fly with you All I want is to fall with you So just give me all of you”


  • “You know I want you It’s not a secret I try to hide”

Anne Marie Captions

  • “But I can’t have you We’re bound to break and my hands are tied”


  • “You say she’s just a friend now Then why don’t we call her?”


  • “So you want to go on with someone to do all the things you used to do to me”


  • “Used to take me out, in your fancy car And make out in the rain”
Anne Marie Captions
I’m okay with not being perfect cause that’s perfect to me
  • “And when I ring you up, don’t know where you are ‘Til I hear her say your name”


  • “Used to sing along, when you played guitar That’s a distant memory”


  • “Hope she treats you better than you treated me,”


  • “I’m not your number one”


  • “If you’re giving all of your money and time I’m not gonna sit here wasting mine on you”


  • “Ciao adios, I’m done”


  • “Tell me how many more times Does it take to get smarter?”


  • “Don’t need to deny the hurt and the lies And all of the things you did to me”


  • “I swear, I know you did”


  • “You say you love me, I say you crazy We’re nothing more than friends”


  • “You’re not my lover, more like a brother I known you since we were like ten”


  • “Don’t mess it up, talking that shit Only gonna push me away, that’s it”love”


  • “When you say you love me, that make me crazy”
Anne Marie Quotes
Alright, this is your time. Time for your life to be yours.
  • “Don’t go look at me with that look in your eye You really ain’t going away without a fight”


  • “You can’t be reasoned with, I’m done being polite”


  • “I’ve told you one, two, three, four, five, six thousand times”


  • “Haven’t I made it obvious? Haven’t I made it clear? Want me to spell it out for you?


  • “Have you got no shame? You looking insane Turning up at my door”


  • “It’s two in the morning, the rain is pouring Haven’t we been here before?”


  • “F-R-I-E-N-D-S That’s how you f- spell “friends” F-R-I-E-N-D-S Get that shit inside your head”


  • “You lay here with me, you’re shutting down”


  • “I smell her on you, I’m focused now”


  • “I know what’s going on in your head I know what’s happened here in our bed”


  • “Your phone is buzzing, so pick it up I know she calling, so what the fuck”


  • “I should’ve known a cheat stays a cheater”


  • “And there goes the alarm ringing in my head”


  • “Texting from his ex, what did you expect?”


  • “Now you’re lying here knowing where he goes”


  • “Karma is a bitch, yeah Same way that they come that’s the way they go”


  • “I saw it coming, I let it go”


  • “My girls will tell me, “I told you so” But I was so intrigued by your style, boy I always been a sucker for a wild boy”


  • “I’m better than this, I know my worth”


  • “I might be getting what I deserve But I ain’t sticking ’round for the rerun What’s done is done”


  • “Bang bang, two shots fired Man down, one fool, one liar Ring ring, trust gone missing House on fire, house on fire”


  • “I remember when this all started, sex was carnage This one’s lasting”


  • “Cupid’s callin’, he’s my darling”


  • “The only thing on my mind, all the time, no appetite”


  • “Always wanna bite, just my type, this one’s mine”


  • “And there’s never been a human being so good for me”

Anne Marie Quotes Singer

  • “I say if we gonna do it, do it right”


  • “I remember when we went dancing, non-stop laughing He’s so charming”


  • “And we were like up ’til morning, hearts are pouring And I adore him”


  • “Don’t feel like putting makeup on my cheeks Do what I wanna”


  • “Love every single part of my body Top to the bottom”
Anne Marie Quotes Singer
Don’t mess it up, talking that shit only gonna push me away, that’s it
  • “I’m not a supermodel from a magazine”


  • “No matter where I go, everybody stares at me”


  • “Not into fancy clothes, I’m rockin’ baggy jeans”


  • “Gettin’ too close for comfort But comfort is what I need”


  • “So I eat my body weight in chocolate and ice cream”


  • “Maybe I bite my nails and don’t think before I speak”


  • “Don’t fit in any crowd, don’t ever get much sleep”


  • “I wish my legs were bigger, bigger than New York city”


  • “And I’ll love who I want to love, ’cause this love is gender free”


  • “Just wanna stuff my face with leftover mac and cheese”


  • “You know I get depressed Are you impressed with my honesty?”


  • “Still I’ll wear what I wanna wear ‘Cause I’m cool with what’s underneath”


  • “I wanna kiss someone that I’ll never see again”


  • “I wanna go somewhere and go there with all my friends”


  • “I wanna take my family to go and see Eminem ‘Cause my sister’s been in love with him”


  • “If you don’t wanna wear make up, don’t wear make up”


  • “If you don’t wanna break up, then kiss and make up”


  • “Remember if you wanna you can go home You can say that enough is enough”


  • “Alright, this is your time Time for your life to be yours”


  • “I’m okay with not being perfect ‘Cause that’s perfect to me”


  • “I’m another year older I won’t cry about you anymore”


  • “It’s not even the weekend And I’m wearin’ that dress I can’t afford”
Anne Singer Quotes
No one can rewrite the stars How can you stay you’ll be mine?
  • “Givin’ life a new meanin’ Without you there”


  • “Do some stupid shit, maybe get a tattoo Whatever I can do to get my mind off you”


  • “It’s my birthday I’ma do what I like”


  • “I’ma eat what I like I’ma kiss who I like”


  • “Goddamn, it’s my birthday”


  • “Nah, I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you”


  • “I can’t even afford my rent So I’m not buyin’ the drinks, ’cause I’ma leave that to my friends”


  • “Vibin’ out with everybody in the room”

Anne Marie Lyrics Quotes

  • “Ain’t got any wiser Gonna be hungover Never learned my lesson”


  • “I ain’t gonna listen I don’t really care”


  • “It’s my birthday So you better treat me nice”


  • “I spent like six years makin’ sure you came home to love”
Anne Marie Lyrics Quotes
Karma is a bitch same way that they come that’s the way they go
  • “I spent up so much time tryna make you happy”


  • “I don’t think you ever could be happy”


  • “Maybe you should try some therapy Maybe you should lose a couple home boys”


  • “And when you think of my body on yours, don’t forget Once I would have died for you, baby”


  • “You don’t know shit, you know”


  • “You act this big man and you think you are in control”


  • “I stood by your side, and pulled you away from your fire”


  • “I should have known fire would win”


  • “You’re really gonna miss me”


  • “When did we get so lost inside ourselves?”


  • “We used to be strong, now it’s like we don’t care”


  • “Don’t know where we went wrong, but it’s so hard to share”


  • “All this weight left on our shouldersToo much for the both of us”


  • “When did it get so heavy?”


  • “This love that’s in between us It never used to feel this”


  • “Can’t get up off the ground It’s weighing us down”


  • “When did we get so bad at being honest?”
Lyrics Sayings by Anne Marie
Love every single part of my body top to the bottome
  • “You got things on your mind, that you don’t wanna say”


  • “Thought that we had made a promise That we would never get this way”


  • “All these things we said that we never meant Are we gonna let them hold us down?”


  • “You’re pretty much everything that I need”


  • “Good flirt, nice shirt, I can feel I’m gonna fall head first”


  • “Golden skin, cute grin, saying all the right things”


  • “All the things I like, but I guess I have to say goodbye Until I figure it all”


  • “Are you into me boy or are you into someone else?”


  • “I really wanna be your girl so I gotta know”


  • “See you looking at me It’s kinda like you’re checkin’ my clothes”

Anne Marie Quotes for Instagram

  • “Don’t care what’s underneath Just wanna know where I got them”


  • “Mistook that look, I should’ve known it was all too good”


  • “I was blinded took me so long to see You ain’t interested in knowing like me”


  • “All this time thinking how good this could be I just couldn’t believe that you were”


  • “You weren’t into me boy, you were into someone else”


  • “You found me when I was young Thought I’d be weak”


  • “You made me strong”


  • “The fight inside me is what kept me going on”


  • “I don’t know if you want to be the one”


  • “Work hard on me Like karate Cause your body is what I need”


  • “I want you to walk this side Patterns and rhythm And our hearts in time”


  • “I can let go if you watch me And I know that I want to”


  • “I can promise that I will take And I’ll protect you”


  • “Can’t remember where it started But I know where it will go”


  • “You can go where I go If you follow, follow”


  • “Wasn’t I enough?”


  • “I don’t blame you for the love That I lost to her”


  • “But I was in love I thought you were too”
Anne Marie Quotes for Instagram
If we could just look at it through each other’s eyes instead of letting bullets fly
  • “No one compares, if I’m honest”


  • “I wish you could’ve been honest Instead of trying to look cold”


  • “Did I do something wrong?”


  • “Did I hit the peak? Did I?”


  • “No, I didn’t do anything but love”


  • “Now we get along That’s just what we have to do”


  • “But I know every song Sang out my heart for you”


  • “I’ve gotta stay humble And you have to too”


  • “It was the hope, he crumbles Where it once stood tall”


  • “Tryin’ my best to be honest Don’t wanna break any promise But what if this shit is love”


  • “Don’t wanna start any carnage This ain’t a time to be modest But what if this shit is love?”


  • “Can I get your number tonight If I don’t then I might regret it for The rest of my life”


  • “See I got you feeling my vibe Gotta hurry and make a move There’s no time to be wasting time”

More Anne Marie Quotes

  • “Somethin’ ’bout you make me feel at home”


  • “Don’t take it slow come give me what I want And all I want to is to get you all alone”


  • “Let’s run away No time to waste another day ‘Cause I wanna be with you”


  • “All of our history is scattered on the floor”


  • “We’re too far from the start to remember Why there’s even a fight”
More Anne Marie Quotes
I used to love you. Nobody but you. Took me for a fool. You won’t see no tears. They all dried up yesterday.
  • “I don’t wanna even talk anymore I don’t wanna get left behind”


  • “Come along, just show some mercy Do you really wanna hurt me?”


  • “If we could just look at it through each other’s eyes Instead of letting bullets fly”


  • “Settle down and we don’t have to go to war Why don’t we just take our time?”


  • “Getting nowhere, tired of fighting Put the gun down, do the right thing”


  • “That won’t fix it any quicker We don’t have to pull the trigger”


  • “I don’t feel like you know me anymore Like I don’t know me anymore”


  • “Say where’s that girl we knew before ‘Cause we don’t see her anymore”


  • “Used to get lost in conversation But it seems we’ve hit a nerve”


  • “I’m on the road, no telephone, no time to call you back”


  • “Oh, you pushed my buttons too far lately”


  • “I’ll wait forever just to get you alone together”


  • “You’re my home from home I swear that I’m sincere Yeah I can’t lie, no”


  • “You are my Gemini”


  • “I’ve been swept up by a storm But didn’t feel the calm at all”


  • “Now I’m lost in conversation But I’m not being heard”

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