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Jeremy Zucker Quotes

Jeremy Zucker Quotes

Jeremy Zucker is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his songs “all the kids are depressed” and “comethru”, having accumulated over 300 million streams on Spotify, as of till dated. Here we bring you the best Jeremy Zucker Quotes for to share.

Jeremy Zucker Motions

  • “I might lose my mind Waking when the sun’s down”


  • “Riding all these highs Waiting for the comedown”


  • “I’m doing decently Just glad that I can breathe,”


  • “I’m trying to realize It’s alright to not be fine on your own”


  • “These last few weeks have been exhausting”


  • “I’m lost in my imagination”
Jeremy Zucker Motions Quotes
How long have you been smiling? it seems like it’s been too long
  • “And there’s one thing that I need from you Can you come through?”


  • “Ain’t got much to do Too old for my hometown”


  • “Couldn’t put my phone down Scrolling patiently It’s all the same to me Just faces on a screen,”


  • “I don’t wanna smoke, I don’t need a drink Just tell me how you feel, tell me what you think”


  • “I’ve been on my own for a fuckin’ while”


  • “I don’t need a girl, I just wanna smile”


  • “I’ll wait ’til the time’s right I’m meanin’ to tell you”


  • “Why it’s hard to sleep at night”


  • “There’s nothin’ to fear now Girl, we should be here now”


  • “Talk is overrated, let’s just vibe”


  • “love is overrated in my mind”


  • “I’ll be yours if you want me to”


  • “I’ve been hella stressed, I would rather chill”


  • “I know you looked at me, wonder how I deal”


  • “I know that you only with me for the clout,”


  • “You had too much to drink Maybe it’s my fault”


  • “I remember you would pull up, pour up Hennessy askin’ to smoke”
Jeremy Zucker Sayings
I won’t deny it cause you saw what it was I can’t deny it if you won’t give a fuck
  • “And when the night is done You be hittin’ my line”


  • “Tell me your phone at one percent 3 A.M., you wanna vibe”


  • “How long have you been smiling? It seems like it’s been too long”


  • “Some days I don’t feel like trying So what the fuck are you on?”


  • “I think too much, we drink too much”


  • “Falling in love like it’s just nothing”


  • “I want to know where do we go When nothing’s wrong”


  • “’Cause all the kids are depressed” Nothing ever makes sense I’m not feeling alright Staying up ’til sunrise”


  • “And hoping shit is okay Pretending we know things I don’t know what happened”


  • “My natural reaction is that we’re scared”


  • “So I guess we’re scared”

Jeremy Zucker Lyrics Quotes

  • “No I can’t really keep lying ‘Cause I’ve been scared all along”


  • “I’m getting sick of sleeping in”


  • “While all my friends are popping pills And I don’t think that they’re wrong”


  • “Falling apart like it’s just nothing”


  • “I won’t deny it ’cause you saw what it was I can’t deny it if you won’t give a fuck”



  • “You know I am so in love”
Jeremy Zucker Lyrics Quotes
I might as well fake it since acting is your favorite
  • “Lyin’ isn’t better than silence”


  • “Floatin’, but I feel like I’m dyin’”


  • “Still, no matter where I go At the end of every road You were good to me”


  • “I know it’s easier to run After everything I’ve done You were good to me”


  • “You were good to me”


  • “Leavin’ isn’t better than tryin’ Growin’, but I’m just growin’ tired”


  • “Now I’m worried for my soul And I’m still scared of growin’ old”


  • “And I’m so used to lettin’ go But I don’t wanna be alone”


  • “God only knows where our fears go Hearts I’ve broke, now my tears flow You’ll see that I’m sorry ‘Cause you were good to me”


  • “And now I’m closin’ every door ‘Cause I’m sick of wantin’ more”


  • “Swear I’m different than before I won’t hurt you anymore”


  • “I’ve never felt so far away”


  • “Leaving hardly hurts at all”


  • “I’m sorry that I never call”


  • “Often I get exhausted”


  • “Trying regardless to be enough”


  • “Is it selfish not to be selfless When all I can help is to open up?”


  • “I’ll be better than I was before”


  • “Will you call me still, just to hear my voice?”


  • “I swear, always, I’ll care”


  • “Flipping through our photographs Those moments never seem to last”


  • “Listening to self control Those feelings that you’ll never know”


  • “I should’ve seen this through But I knew how it could end”
Best Jeremy Zucker Quotes
No, I don’t miss you yet you’re just a feeling I’d rather forget
  • “Yeah, I guess things don’t change I let feelings fade again”


  • “But I see you clear as day And I won’t let go”


  • “Would I call to hope unless You slip right through my fingers in the rain”


  • “I’m staring at the clouds”


  • “You know I hate this weather But we can work it out”


  • “I swear I could do better if you let me”


  • “I never thought that this could end”


  • “If I’m not with you how could I fall asleep again?”


  • “Just tell me what it is you’re tryna say ‘Cause in the end you’ll understand I’m already a world away, yeah”


  • “And I see you haven’t changed ‘Cause this shit gets old”

Jeremy Zucker Quotes for Instagram

  • “If I need you, I’ll see you in my dreams”


  • “But I’ve thrown it all Over waterfalls”


  • “You know that I’ve been here times before When no one’s watching”


  • “Like they always told me I would be the same but I’m just feeling phoney”


  • “They don’t really notice You don’t really know me”


  • “I wish I had the power To make this house feel more like home”
Jeremy Zucker Quotes for Instagram
Talk is overrated, let’s just vibe
  • “I won’t sleep a minute Leave the light on by the bed”


  • “The bed you should be in, It’s not how it’s supposed to end”


  • “Please don’t leave me here I don’t know where I started”


  • “Please don’t leave me here I don’t know where my heart is”


  • “I’ll see you when I see you It hurts, you’ll never know”


  • “maybe you’ll come running When you’re done being alone”


  • “I swear I’ll wait forever If it means not letting go”


  • “I’ll put you under pressure Were you scared of getting close?”


  • “Promises you’re breaking Parts of me you’re taking I don’t know myself when you’re not around”


  • “We know you love a party Go celebrate”


  • “If you weren’t so insecure You’d learn to close each open door for me”


  • “Hang up, if you ever think of calling”


  • “Me up, not afraid to say it, darling”


  • “Sorry, I’m not sorry if it hurts I don’t mean to make it worse”


  • “I’ve decided that I’m not your fucking friend”


  • “Right now, there’s not much that we agree on Sit down, if you need someone to lean on”


  • “Honest, if I’m coming to your place, it’s to say it to your face”


  • “I think you might be okay Could care less what your friends say”


  • “Well, I’d rather sit in silence Then be here while you’re crying”


  • “Ignorance is bliss I hear and I have always been sincere to you”
Jeremy Zucker Quotes for whatsapp
I guess I’ll be gone when the lease is up
  • “Apologise for the weekend And pray to God that we’ll be friends”


  • “A little lost when it’s over But it’s all good when I’m sober”


  • “If I was gone would you notice?”


  • “Philosophize in the shower Ash your cigarette in the flowers”


  • “When all you felt has frozen Underneath your scars Just know that I’ve been gone for a while”


  • “When you realize you didn’t need me All the ghosts we’ve left behind Just know that I’ll be gone”


  • “You won’t need me”


  • “I’ll be gone for a while When you realize you didn’t need me”


  • “I didn’t know you were golden ‘Till I tore your heart open”


  • “I’ll be home for the weekend ‘Cause outside’s been freezing”


  • “And everything that I wanted Was everything that you needed”


  • “And I’ve been wondering how I’m losin’ sleep”


  • “It’s looking like you were fine for me”


  • “No matter where my soul is, I won’t try To fight these feelings every night”


  • “And I still got every right to breathe”


  • “Halfway on this road I’ve been on to something new”


  • “Still, for what it’s worth Fuck, if I know what I’m doing here”


  • “’Cause I’ve been holding out for something And you’ve been left with nothing”


  • “This weight that’s on my shoulder It’s why I’m acting colder”


  • “I’m holding out for something With my luck, it’s just nothing”


  • “These feelings in your movement I’m wondering how you’re doing”


  • “I pray that your soul survives it through another day”


  • “In my dreams, there were angels circling I could see everything you ever wanted me to be

Jeremy Zucker Captions

  • “I see oceans in your eyes It makes me scared So if we both drown”


  • “don’t be scared I’m right here”


  • “And what is fear When no one knows What comes next?”


  • “So yeah, I’m scared But I won’t let it get to me”


  • “You know I’ve been writing you a poem So I spoke all the words I ever wanted you to know”
Jeremy Zucker Captions
I’m spinning right now, hope it don’t last long
  • “I was unimportant You were just a friend”


  • “No one even noticed We were just pretend”


  • “Always, you’re thinking too much, baby”


  • “Slow down Realize there’s more here for you”


  • “I was on the border You were choosing sides”


  • “Kiss me in the morning Miss me in the night”


  • “All light is fading But you look amazing”


  • “And my mind is racing We’re all losing patience”


  • “I might as well fake it Since acting is your favourite”


  • “Though this was vacation I won’t keep you waiting”


  • “At some point, it’ll come back Just don’t wait for it”


  • “Really couldn’t say that I know your type”


  • “30, 000 feet and I’m so damn high”


  • “Are you excited? Do you like it?”


  • “And if you hold me, I won’t mind it And I don’t know you but I want to And if this plane fell to the water I’m OK”


  • “We’ll ride the waves of the ocean Wasting all of our days”


  • “Reasons I’ve been afraid Knowing I won’t drown if I keep my head afloat”


  • “I’ma keep my head afloat”


  • “The sun won’t shine if you’re terrified”


  • “It’s all the same when you close your eyes”


  • “What do I gotta do to make you all mine”


  • “What do I gotta say to make it all smiles”
Jeremy Zucker Quotes
I see oceans in your eyes it makes me scared so if we both drown
  • “You got other things to do than waste my time”


  • “’Cause I’ve been so selfish And I just can’t help it,”


  • “Girl just slow down There ain’t nobody faster in this whole town”


  • “I just got caught up in all this phony”


  • “Bullshit about how I should be lowkey When you won’t even speak to me”


  • “I’ve been so selfish”


  • “And I never thought that you stabbed my back But I should have known when you dance like that”


  • “’Cause even my friends could have told me twice And I should have followed my own advice”


  • “I should have let you go eons ago To watch the world spin on my own But isn’t that selfish”


  • “This heart, this soul Unwilling to let go”


  • “I swear, I care Just not when you’re not here”


  • “I know I don’t have any self control”


  • “To let go and it feels so good Just like you said you would”


  • “No, I don’t miss you yet You’re just a feeling I’d rather forget”


  • “So I pierce my skin and I buzz my hair I’m going to Mexico”


  • “The lack of chemicals in my brain Won’t keep me warm So I pause and pray”


  • “I don’t wanna feel the cold So I’m going to Mexico”


  • “Oh, Mexico Sounds so sweet But I’m going there alone”


  • “I tried to be myself but still I’ve got some room to grow”


  • “The weight of every word on my chest So I curse my name And my fragile frame”


  • “Anywhere could feel like home”


  • “Why do you cry with your hair tied up and my t-shirt on?”


  • “I guess I’ll be gone when the lease is up”


  • “Where did we go wrong?”


  • “But damn, you look good when your tears dry up”


  • “I hate to be the one to make your fears fire up”


  • “I’ll be outside when the sky falls down”


  • “Wanna get the fuck out this lonely town Where will you be when I go insane?”


  • “I don’t give a fuck, it all feels the same”

More Jeremy Zucker Quotes

  • “Easier to blame with a broken heart Hate me now that we’ve grown apart”


  • “What do you desire? (Hold me down when I fall apart)”


  • “Wasting my time chasing better days”


  • “I know way too many things to stay Alone, at loss for words, but still”


  • “I’ve won and I’ve lost but I’ve fell and I’ve fucked it up”
More Jeremy Zucker Quotes
To let go and it feels so good just like you said you would
  • “Laying in bed with my headphones on And our playlist stop”


  • “I’m spinning right now, hope it don’t last long”


  • “All of these years, do you feel the same?”


  • “Chasing our ride in the pouring rain Staying up late just to walk you home Clinging to me like it’s all you know”


  • “But damn, you look good in your photographs Breaking my heart every time you laugh”


  • “All of these shots poured down the drain I tried, but it tastes like Novocaine”


  • “Now that you’re free, do you feel alright”


  • “I know you’ve moved on, just know I’m trying Anything it takes to feel alright”


  • “For you, yeah I’ve heard it all and made mistakes”


  • “Oh, I wonder, are we a work of art”


  • “I know we’ll suck at making plans In the end you’ll understand”


  • “You’re asking way too much from me I’m running out of energy”


  • “You’re burned into my memory I’m sinking in your gravity”


  • “Though my body turns to stone When I’m alone with you”
Jeremy Zucker Quotes Captions
I’m trying to realize it’s alright to not to be fine on you own
  • “Though my ashes lit by matches When I know the truth”


  • “Is it just enough to be at the surface?”


  • “One, two breaths and it makes me nervous I have more to offer”


  • “You could win and it’s still be worth it”


  • “I won’t break in my mind Oh, honest, I wanna try”

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