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Andrew Bazzi, known for his surname, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. In 2018, they released their debut regular album Cosmic which, ranked 14th on the Billboard 200 chart and began posting remakes on the YouTube channel in 2012. In November 2014, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career.

Bazzi created a Vine account in July 2013. By 2015, the site has attracted 1.5 million followers. In September of the same year, he became the first artist to release the Vine Featured Track titled “Bring You Home”.

Bazzi worked hard to reach his height. Let’s celebrate his luck by sharing Bazzi quotes with loved ones.

Bazzi Quotes
I’m not concerned with drama I left that shit in school

Bazzi Quotes

  • “I just, had a lil’ bit too much of Hennessy Just gotta tell you how I feel”


  • “You so fuckin’ precious when you smile”


  • “Girl, I lose myself up in those eyes”


  • “I just had to let you know you’re mine”


  • “Hands on your body, I don’t wanna waste no time”


  • “Feels like forever even if forever’s tonight”


  • “Just lay with me, waste this night away with me”


  • “You’re mine, I can’t look away, I just gotta say”


  • “I’m so fucking happy you’re alive”


  • “Swear to God, I’m down if you’re down, all you gotta say is right”


  • “Girl, anything I can do just to make you feel alright”


  • “I just had to let you know you’re fine”


  • “Running circles ’round my mind”


  • “Even when it’s rainy, all you ever do is shine”


  • “You on fire, you a star just like Mariah”
Bazzi Quotes Image
In the dark, who you are is a star I know what you’re worth
  • “Man, this feel incredible, I’ll turn you into a bride, you’re mine”


  • “Hey beautiful angel Love your imperfections, every angle”


  • “Tomorrow comes and goes before you know So I just had to let you know”


  • “The way that Gucci look on you amazing But nothing can compare to when you’re naked”


  • “Saying you the one for me, I need to face it”


  • “Started when we were younger Swear to God that I loved her”


  • “Sorry that your mom found out Guess that we just really had the thunder”


  • “Ain’t nobody else that I’d be under”


  • “The way that dress fall off you is amazing Love a miracle, a beautiful creation”


  • “Baby come a little closer let me taste it You came a little closer now you’re shaking”

Best Bazzi Quotes

  • “Never ever gon’ mislead you Don’t believe the lies they feed you”


  • “Stop and stare like a sculpture Painted in your colors”


  • “I just had to let you know Swear to God you’re beautiful”


  • “I think I’m losing my mind Trying to stay inside the lines”


  • “It’s like I’m running in place How you keep staying the same?”


  • “Baby, I, I guess I’m something different And I’m okay with that”


  • “I can’t fake no more smiles That shit gon’ drive me mad”


  • “I’m focused on the future Don’t care ’bout nothin’ else”


  • “I’m better by myself I don’t need no one else”


  • “Don’t wanna answer questions Just want your company”


  • “It’s all good on the surface Show me what’s underneath”
Best Bazzi Quotes
I just had to let you know you’re name
  • “I’m not concerned with drama I left that shit in school”


  • “I’m more concerned with commas Than keeping up with you”


  • “No empathy, especially when the kid off Hennessy”


  • “Fake friends to me make my mood go south like Tennessee”


  • “Make the fool come out like, “Who is he?” I mean, I tried to tell y’all”


  • “I don’t know who to trust These days everyone’s shady”


  • “Fool me once, I’m on my own There is no second time, baby”


  • “That’s the shit I don’t like Please no yes, no maybes What else?”


  • “Touchin’ you slowly, love how you hold me”


  • “I was a player, that was the old me”


  • “Girl, summer’s been lonely, yeah At first, I was hesitant Like a skeleton You, twenty, but intelligent”

Bazzi Lyric Quotes

  • “Now all them other bitches so irrelevant”


  • “Tan lines and some memories Guess summer got the best of me Chef B with the recipe, yeah With you is a better me”


  • “I guess what I’m sayin’ is, I I fuckin’ love you”


  • “Love you through the better days Love you through the rainy ones”


  • “Champion, you’re number one, yeah, that’s true”


  • “Yes, I do, chillin’ top floor with a penthouse view But that don’t mean a thing unless I’m next to you”


  • “Money just money ‘less I spend it on you”


  • “Next to me, when I’m with you, you bring out the best of me”


  • “God made you a twin, but you the one I see”


  • “But if I wrote you a love song, would you sing it?”


  • “If I needed bail out of jail, would you bring it? If I win, then we’re up, if we fail, then we wing it”


  • “You should know You can go where You wanna go I can take you there”
Bazzi Lyric Quotes
Nothing takes me higher than the mind
  • “Wildest dreams, put some faith in me Take my hand to your fantasy”


  • “All the way in Cali Foot up on the throttle”


  • “Focused on the vision Trying to pay tuition”


  • “For the ones I’m missing Family is a mission”


  • “Put you on to things you thought were impossible”


  • “In the dark, who you are is a star I know what your worth”


  • “What you believe is what you see And that’s what you deserve”


  • “Lift your frequencies Baby you could be out a magazine”


  • “Just believe Open up your mind Realize you divine”

Bazzi Captions

  • “If you know you shine The world will see”


  • “Girl, I know you love me Even though your parents They don’t fucking trust me”


  • “I know I’m an asshole No reply to all your texts girl I do you mad cold”


  • “Looking for God but you’re down on your knees”


  • “I’m All that you want but not what you need girl why”


  • “Tell me why do you still love me Why do you love me?”
Bazzi Captions
Why do you need me when you know you don’t need me?
  • “You know you shouldn’t love me Yea you still love me”


  • “All your friends tell you they hate me God I’m fuckin’ shady”


  • “Why do you need me when you know you don’t need me?”


  • “It’s tearing you apart I leave you broken and shaken And you still call me baby”


  • “Lying next to you, I got a flight in the morning Got me questioning what I think is important”
  • “I can’t even lie, think of you when I’m with her”


  • “Look me in my eye, tell me that you feel different”


  • “Drove two hours just to stay the night with you”


  • “Haven’t seen you in a year, but I still get you”


  • “Hurts to see you laugh ’cause I know I’ll fucking miss that How could I forget that?”


  • “You made me feel alive Forget them other bitches, I will put ’em to the side”


  • “Girls in L.A. couldn’t be more dry You’re so money, baby, you ain’t even have to try”


  • “It’s a quarter after three Sayin’ everything we mean”


  • “Girl, it’s hard to see me go so fast, yeah, I get that Times that we have, so wild, can’t forget that”


  • “I’m on a flight in my feels, thinkin’ ’bout you”
Bazzi Captions Image
I don’t know who to trust these days everyone’s shady
  • “Hope you know you fire, fuck anyone who doubts you”


  • “You the only thing that makes me wish things were different”


  • “I might fly you out, get your ass on a one-way If I had it my way”


  • “Maybe I’m stuck in the past, girl Not willing to let it all go You can’t ignore the fact, baby”

Bazzi Quotes For Instagram

  • “For a moment, I was feeling like I had you Didn’t wanna leave, I had to”


  • “Enjoyin’ the moment ’cause life move too fast”


  • “I’m lookin’ forward, ignorin’ the past These are the times that we’ll laugh lookin’ back”


  • “I’m gettin’ lucky like coins in the well Goodbye to my haters, I’m wishin’ you well”


  • “This is my year, man, if you couldn’t tell”


  • “Don’t know if it’s the drink I poured But I swear I’ve never loved you more”


  • “I’m feelin’ it, my head’s wh
    Bazzi Quotes For Instagram
    I guess what I’m sayin’ is I fuckin love you

    ere the ceilin’ is This energy turns nights into memories”


  • “Insecure people turn to insecure lovers”


  • “The night has just begun, we on a level now If I get too fucked up, promise you’ll hold me down”
  • “This that shit you can’t deny This that shit you feel inside”


  • “This our life, our time, we livin’ well Late nights in the city, causin’ hell”


  • “Ridin’ my bike like I’m too young to drive Careless and free like it’s 2005”


  • “Had to chill the fuck out, take a trip outside To have fun with my friends like I’m young and alive”
  • “We ain’t got a fuck or nothing, we can hold hands or somethin’”


  • “But when the night gets late and we too fucked up Please don’t tell your mom, don’t wanna mess this up”


  • “You been on my mind, runnin’ circles ’round it”


  • “She my psyche, so she hit my sidekick She a vibe, so I gotta top five it”


  • “If she was a movie, I wonder how it play out”


  • “There’s a song I like to sing It says your name, I love the ring”
Bazzi Quotes For Instagram Image
If you know you shine the world will see
  • “I may be broken by my past But I know my worst days, they won’t last”


  • “Isn’t it beautiful Watchin’ the cards unfold?”


  • “There’s a wind up in the North It tells us love’s our only source”


  • “Watchin’ you dance tonight So free and full of life”

Bazzi Quotes For Facebook

  • “I ain’t seen my mama in a little bit over a year And even when I see her, I know she knows that it isn’t me here”


  • “I’m always in the clouds, somewhere up in space I just hope that I could hug her before it gets way too late”


  • “My friends just looking for a call, they wanna say hi They wonder if the person they knew’s still inside”


  • “It feels so good to say I, I don’t think I’m okay”


  • “I don’t think I’m okay And that’s okay”


  • “Time is moving faster, it isn’t slowing down I miss being a kid I miss the way the thunder sounds”


  • “Maybe it’s my dream that killed my self esteem”


  • “Maybe I lost myself In the search of your acceptance”


  • “I don’t want nobody to see my ugly heart To see my ugly scars”


  • “If we had just been honest Gonna turn my read receipts on Just to let you know I won’t respond”


  • “Always knew that you be ruthless But I never thought that you could do this”
Bazzi Quotes For Facebook
No matter what they say, always knew that I could
  • “I was selfish in the way that I acted I keep doing things just to get a reaction”


  • “I know you think about all the things that we did when he’s with you And do you feel no shame?”


  • “Does he make you feel the same? Could we have got what we wanted”


  • “Remember Late night, smokin’, we under star projectors Looked in my eyes where the smiles forever”


  • “A place Where space And time Doesn’t exist Just us”


  • “I had a dream about you last night Your eyes were shining so bright Those lips and that bittersweet smile I need this forever”


  • “I might be naive, but you’re more than a dream”


  • “You give me feelings that I can’t explain to you”


  • “Girl, I was cold for a while, now I’m something new”


  • “Tell me what you want, anything at all, I got it though”

Awesome Bazzi Quotes

  • “Don’t get too close You won’t find what you’re looking for”


  • “I hope you don’t judge me All I know is how to be who I am”


  • “Don’t tell me that you love me ‘Cause I won’t love back”


  • “Don’t tell me that you need me ‘Cause I don’t need that”


  • “Don’t tell me that you want me ‘Cause I’m on my own”


  • “So when we finish touching Girl, I’m all alone”


  • “Maybe I’m fine Fine with being by myself”


  • “Maybe I’m not trying Trying to have nobody else I’m not”
Awesome Bazzi Quotes
Enjoyin’ the moment ’cause life move too fast
  • “You’re number one, and I’m cool with two If it’s next to you”


  • “I like your skin and your hair and the way that you talk”


  • “I know I haven’t been a lover, I’ll be here for a while”


  • “There’s some insecure people tryna mess with the plans You help me focus on myself, help me focus on the fans”


  • “You know that I like it when you’re next to me”


  • “Don’t spend a second trippin’ on my enemies ‘Cause they envy me and my energy”


  • “Put the focus back on me, cut all negativity”


  • “I fuckin’ live my dreams Whatever I imagine I know that shit can happen”


  • “Nothing takes me higher than the mind”


  • “Bitch, you crazy How’d you get so out of your mind?”

More Bazzi Quotes

  • “Tell me, baby When did this get so out of line? Don’t understand, it’s so wild It’s like a child that’s in denial”


  • “A world on fire and you couldn’t care less ‘Til we can’t take a breath”


  • “Think I’ve lost my mind, I’ve got no fuckin’ clue Took a look inside and I guess I’m just like you”


  • “I thank the Lord that he made you”


  • “Too young to see tomorrow Too young to know it hurts Found love in empty bottles I guess we’ll never learn”


  • “The world on fire Let’s celebrate Let’s have a toast while we sit and we watch”


  • “The whole world go up in flames We lost our minds We goin’ cray We let a racist orange man be the president Ain’t that just fuckin’ great?”
More Bazzi Quotes
Stop and stare like a sculpture pained in your colours
  • “I bought a Benz, still feel pathetic Ice on my wrist, still feel depression Music my therapy, it’s my obsession”


  • “I pray we save us from ourselves ‘Cause nobody else can do that for you”


  • “No matter what they say, always knew that I could”


  • “There are dreams that I won’t let them take from me”


  • “I hate that we been so distant ’cause you know that I love you”


  • “We was more than lovers, you were my homie”


  • “Heaven is a place on Earth with you”


  • “First time I laid my eyes on you Swear to God I knew what I had to do”

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Girl, I lose myself up in those eyes

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