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Noah Lindsey Cyrus is an American singer, musician, and actress. Noah Cyrus is the 5th child of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, and she is the youngest sibling of Trace, Brandi, and Miley Cyrus. She was named one of Time’s 30 Most Influential Teens in 2017. Cyrus was nominated for Best New Artist at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. At 2, years old Noah Cyrus began her acting career, playing Gracie Hebert on the sixth episode of the television series Doc.

She released her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” featuring British singer Labrinth. She is still living up to the last wishes from WPB SUGGEST  for her upcoming never lasting future.

Here are the finest Noah Cyrus Quotes to share & celebrate with her. Enjoy Reading 😊

Noah Cyrus Quotes

  • “I’ve been holding my breath I’ve been counting to ten Over something you said”


  • “I’ve been holding back tears While you’re throwing back beers”


  • “You know, I’m afraid of change Guess that’s why we stay the same”


  • “So tell me to leave I’ll pack my bags, get on the road Find someone that loves you better than I do”
Noah Cyrus Quotes
I’m just here for fun and I don’t care about the money
  • “You remind me every day I’m not enough, but I still stay”


  • “Feels like a lifetime Just trying to get by while we’re dying inside”


  • “I’ve done a lot of things wrong Loving you being one But I can’t move on”


  • “If you want me to leave Then tell me to leave and baby I’ll go”


  • “I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it’s all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart”


  • “They talk about the rivers running dry How pretty soon there won’t be any water left to turn to wine”


  • “I never needed you as I do right now”


  • “Gave you up ’bout twenty-one times Felt those lips tell me twenty-one lies You’ll be the death of me”


  • “Sage advice Love, lovin’ you could make Jesus cry”


  • “When I hear you sayin’, “Darlin’, your kiss is like an antidote” I’m fightin’ like I’m Ali But you got me on the ropes”


  • “Couldn’t hear the thunder, but I heard your heart race”
Noah Cyrus Quotes & Sayings
For once in my life, I have someone who needs me
  • “Love ain’t easy when it ain’t my way But it gets hard when you ain’t here makin’ me crazy”


  • “Baby, say the word, darlin’ You know just how to hold the sucker down”


  • “So I’ll see you in the morning I can’t watch you walk out”


  • “You just made the worst mistake And you’ll regret it, darling ‘Cause once you give and then you take You’ll only end up wanting”


  • “I wanna be your lover I don’t wanna be your friend”


  • “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone, my dear”

Noah Cyrus Captions

  • “I said that I’d be fine But I’m not, designed To be in a world without you”


  • “I’m missing your sweet voice Like running out of money”


  • “I guess I got no choice I said I didn’t need you But now I’m in this bed Eating all the words I said”


  • “I’m tired of tryna please some- One who doesn’t even care what’s on my mind”
Noah Cyrus Captions
Everything you fear is gonna end All your hate and hurt lost to the wind
  • “Let me go, I don’t need you to wipe my tears Don’t you know I’m only tryin’ to disappear?”


  • “Don’t wanna be young and sad another day longer”


  • “I know that you only want me to be happy But I still feel lonely tonight”


  • “I was born to rain clouds When they blew the flame out Blessed in our shadows”


  • “All I really know is love ain’t simple It finds you all alone when you’re unassembled”


  • “When you’re in pieces and you feel like you’re drowning And you don’t wanna give nobody the power That’s when it gets in the cut And that’s when it stitches you up”


  • “It was just you and that was just me And that was just the way that it used to be”


  • “It was just you and that was just me Before we found love Now this is us”


  • “I really hate when you say you love me Those spoken words are wet concrete”


  • “But darling, if I could I would fall for someone good Someone good for me”
Noah Cyrus Quotes & Sayings Image
I’m trying to be friends with my sadness
  • “We’re suckers for the thrill Playing fuck, marry, and kill Honey, we’re all three”


  • “I’ve got scars and yes, you left them”


  • “You left but always still around You’re my nemesis, you’re my best friend”


  • “I’m not making sense I’m laughing at a joke that I don’t get I’m acting like these strangers are my friends”

Noah Cyrus Quotes For Instagram

  • “Doing things that I will not regret until the morning”


  • “I’m just here for fun and I don’t care about the money”


  • “Nothing lasts forever But wouldn’t it be nice to stay together for the night”


  • “We can do whatever As long as we’re together then we’re gonna be alright”


  • “You could call me shameless Waving to my people now I’m acting like I’m famous”
Noah Cyrus Quotes For Instagram
I took one good look at my face The reality hits like a train
  • “Damn, you look so pretty when the sunlight hits your blue eyes”


  • “On our way to the sky We’re gonna look down on tonight When we die, you and I”


  • “When you lay by my side I see the whole world through your eyes Ride or die, you and I”


  • “I’ve been a wild dog in this here part of town”


  • “Now I’ve finally met my match and he’s the saddest boy around And I’ll say it loud and proud”


  • “I’m a fighter, I’m a champion, but I’m hanging up the gloves ‘Cause I’m stuck”


  • “Your love has tamed the devil out of me Stole my heart and pulled the rug under my feet”


  • “I was a careless Casanova, but you made my heart go weak And I’m stuck”


  • “I never liked that kind of guy who picked up the bill The kind of guy who ate dessert before he had a meal”


  • “When you come around in your skinny jeans, I don’t know how to feel But now I know the drill”


  • “What he wants, he knows just what he wants”


  • “I’m the baddest superwoman to the candy on his arm”
Noah Cyrus
You know nothin’ lasts forever, but Lord, I try
  • “You always break a heart when you break a promise I guess I didn’t practise what I preach”


  • “I know not telling you was so dishonest But honestly, the dishonesty was killing me”


  • “You asked a question and I lied I think about it all the time I was wrong to think I’m right Playing God with you and me”


  • “The truth always comes out In the silence, it rings loud”


  • “I know what you see When you look at me I will always be a liar”

Noah Cyrus Quotes For Whatsapp

  • “I know I wasn’t doing all the right things Thought what you didn’t know could never hurt”


  • “When the words slipped out, they struck like lightning Yeah, keeping it from you just made it worse”


  • “I don’t know what to do ‘Cause there’s no wrong for you And I can’t hear your name without feeling ashamed”


  • “Afraid of losing you And so I bend the truth”
Noah Cyrus Quotes For Whatsapp
If you want me to leave Then tell me to leave and baby I’ll go
  • “It only happened once But once was way too much”


  • “Everyone you love is gonna die But, darlin’ so is everything”


  • “The stars will blink out one by one in time And everyone you love is gonna die”


  • “Everything you fear is gonna end All your hate and hurt lost to the wind”


  • “There might not be a sadder thing Than watchin’ Saturn lose her rings And black holes slowly dancin’ in the dark”


  • “It’s a song that they were born to sing About the end of everything Until it all goes up in one last spark”


  • “Everyone you love is gonna die But so is everything so wipe your eyes”


  • “You know nothin’ lasts forever, but Lord, I try”


  • “All the saints and sinners are the same We’re blessed and we obliterate And that’s how it was written from the start”


  • “Everyone you love is gonna die So don’t you let the moment pass you by”


  • “There really ain’t no sadder thing There really ain’t a no sweeter thing”
Noah Cyrus Image
Everybody knows a hand to hold is all we need
  • “Baby, we need to talk ‘Cause I think that is time I walk away Before you start calling my name”


  • “’Cause when you start begging me to stay It’s gonna be hard as hell”


  • “Baby, you know me well No matter what you do I can never be mad at you”


  • “You only love yourself For me there’s no one else”

Noah Cyrus Quotes Image

  • “Baby, you were the one who convinced me to run into your arms Oh, but now that you got me It’s easy to want another love”


  • “Thinking that you’ll find a better one And now sit here waiting until you’re done”


  • “They say it’s so easy to leave me You had me right under your skin But I let you in”


  • “What if I said I’m tryna make it up? For all of the names I was playing games with you, You deserve better love”


  • “Where, where are the places that they ain’t take you? Give me the book between your destinations So I can book to flight a reservations”
Noah Cyrus Quotes Image
Baby, you know me well No matter what you do I can never be mad at you
  • “What would you do if I asked you to choose? Would you keep pickin’ on me?”


  • “What would you do? If I made you number two Ain’t that what you want me to do?”


  • “While you’re sober you don’t know me”


  • “Why I keep doin’ it to myself!”


  • “I’m no good at hiding underneath a sea of tears Flood pouring through my eyes I can’t even close ’em, I can’t even see you clear”


  • “When you’re looking in the mirror Demons may be closer than they may appear”


  • “Everybody knows a hand to hold is all we need”


  • “Quiet, let’s not even talk Every word I say to you, you only just repeat”
Noah Cyrus Instagram Story
I don’t know why when I open my eyes I find I’m Hopeless, feeling so hopeless
  • “Living just to die another day”


  • “Powder on our face carries us away Reaching for a dream that always fades”


  • “I’m a narcissist, I can’t co-exist One plus one equals me And truth is I’m in love with it”


  • “I’m a narcissist That’s just what it is”


  • “No one fucks with me ‘Cause no one ever fuckin’ loves a bitch”


  • “I ain’t no good at love I always fuck it up”


  • “I ain’t no Band-Aid for your heart ‘Cause I’m the one that’s leaving all your scars”


  • “I can’t revive you ‘less I say bye to you I ain’t no Band-Aid for your heart”


  • “Yeah, I’m a hypocrite I’ll probably never quit”
Noah Cyrus Attitude
What he wants, he knows just what he wants
  • “I never practice what I preach, I do the opposite”


  • “Yeah, I’m a piece of shit It makes me hard to miss No one wants to be around Another fucking hypocrite”


  • “Look at me You think that I’m tryin’ to fight ya But I’ll always be on your side”


  • “How many times do I have to convince you that I’ll always be on your team?”


  • “So whenever you’re losing I’ll celebrate ya Appreciate ya I’ll get you up on your feet”

Noah Cyrus Sayings

  • “You know me When I love you, I love you harder With all of my, all of my heart”


  • “I can’t find my old self through the haze I’m searching dusk to dawn, I guess that girl is gone”


  • “I took one good look at my face The reality hits like a train”


  • “I don’t know why when I open my eyes I find I’m Hopeless, feeling so hopeless”


  • “Honey, I drink ’til I’m sick This weed don’t do shit I’m choking on my breathe I’m loveless, feeling so loveless”
Noah Cyrus Sayings
I never practised what I preach, I do the opposite
  • “Darling, the sky makes me sad The blues got me bad Oh, I just need a good cry”


  • “I’ve been up six days and five nights I swallowed a pill to kill the time”


  • “I was all up in my head just me, myself, and I”


  • “This anxiety puts me to shame And nothing could silence this pain”


  • “Honey, I’m drowning in all my doubt I’m trying to start again I’ve tried but I’m struggling”


  • “You might say, I’m wasted on you But when you break, I break for you too”


  • “Love can beat us black and blue But darling, I’ll take the punches for you”


  • “Darling, our good intentions Keep running in circles I’m fading out like a ghost”


  • “Like a map faded in time Like an old forgotten tomb, I know love has been unkind For the two of us”


  • “Three years of therapy still hasn’t got me right I still wake up crying on the floor”


  • “I know I feel too much sometimes Is that so wrong?”


  • “I’ll ask all my demons what they want Think it’s time we all just got along”
Noah Cyrus Party Image
While you’re sober you don’t know me
  • “I’m trying to be friends with my sadness Having drinks with my fears and bad habits We’re all in this together, we forever rise and fall”


  • “Give me a minute please, before the lights come on ‘Cause I wanna know we got a chance”


  • “I’m not concerned about anybody else Can we please just stop the tears and dance?”


  • “I’m trying to be friends with my sadness”


  • “For once in my life, I have someone who needs me”

More Noah Cyrus Quotes

  • “I can go where life leads me Somewhere I know I’ll be strong”


  • “For once, I can touch What my heart used to dream of”


  • “Long before I knew, Someone warm like you Would make my dreams come true”


  • “For once in my life, I won’t let sorrow hurt me Not like it’s hurt me before”
More Noah Cyrus Quotes
Couldn’t hear the thunder, but I heard your heart race
  • “For once, I have someone I know won’t desert me I’m not alone anymore”


  • “As long as I know I have love, I can make it”


  • “For once, I can say This is mine, you can’t take it”


  • “I still got your shirts tucked in the drawer Because they smell just like you”


  • “Hopes and dreams and the promises we made Down the drain they all got washed away”
Funny Noah Cyrus Quotes
I was all up in my head just me, myself, and I
  • “I guess we lied when you and I said We will try to focus on forgiveness And I can’t forget it”


  • “I would hold you closer but I know The more I pull, the more you let go”


  • “The way you talkin’ really got me confused How close am I to losing you right now”


  • “Tell me that you’re always gonna be around My pride is lost where my love is found”

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