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Ali Gatie is an Iraqi–Canadian singer and songwriter managed by SAL&CO. When he was young and lived in Abu Dhabi 50 cent was the most important artist for him. When Alie Gatie moved to Canada got really into Ed Sheeran & J. Cole, they are his favourite artists. Their fusion leads him to release “It’s You” which charted worldwide, charting on the US Billboard Hot 100. According to Gatie, “It’s You” was written in 15 minutes. The song was written about his feelings for a girl.

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I’d follow my heart but you took it with you the day you walked out of that door

Surprisingly nobody in his family ever did the music. He went to university for business to make his family happy. After one semester he realised university is an obstacle for him to pursue his music career. Ali Gatie had a tough time convincing his parents that music was a sensible career path. He has been forced to left school and that was the whole big thing with his family. However, he believed in himself and it paid off. So, it’s again proved that belief in yourself surely will bring colours. And we wpb suggest bring the best handpicked Ali Gatie Quotes to read and share!

Ali Gatie Quotes & Sayings

  • “It’s you It’s always you If I’m ever gonna fall in love I know it’s gon’ be you”


  • “Met a lot of people But nobody feels like you”


  • “So please don’t break my heart Don’t tear me apart I know how it starts Trust me I’ve been broken before”


  • “Don’t break me again I am delicate Please don’t break my heart Trust me I’ve been broken before”


  • “I’ve been broken, I know how it feels To be open And then find out your love isn’t real”


  • “I’m still hurting, I’m hurting inside I’m so scared to fall in love But if it’s you then I’ll try”


  • “No, I’m not the best at choosing lovers We both know my past speaks for itself”


  • “If you don’t think that we’re right for each other Then please don’t let history repeat itself”
Ali Gatie Quotes & Sayings
No, I’m not the best at choosing lovers we both know my past speaks for itself
  • “I want you There’s nothing else I want”


  • “I want you And you’re the only thing I want”


  • “What if I told that I love you? Would you tell me that you love me back?”


  • “What if I you told you that I miss you? Would you tell me that you miss me back?”


  • “What if I told you that I need you? Would you tell me that you need me, yeah?”


  • “If I tell you all my feelings Would you believe me, yeah?”


  • “When you told me that you loved me Was I a fool to believe in you?”


  • “When you told me I was special Was I dumb for trusting you?”


  • “When you told me that you want me Did you really want me? Or was this all a joke To you?”


  • “I don’t wanna say I miss you If l don’t know that you miss me back”

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  • “I don’t wanna say the wrong thing If I do, there’s no coming back”


  • “I wish I told you that I loved you Now it’s too late, you have someone new I hope he loves you like I do Do you love the way he’s treating you?”


  • “After everything we’ve been through, you come crying to me You said you’d never lie, so why you lying to me?”


  • “I gave you my trust, my heart, and everything inside of me Tell me how’d you pay me back? You made a fool out of me”


  • “Can’t you see what you’re doing? Left me, broken in pieces Got me feeling so stupid, guess I needed a reason to let go”
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You the reason I believe that love is real ain’t nobody makes me feel the ay you make me feel
  • “I’ve been tryna collect all my thoughts It’s all said and done Just don’t feel the same”


  • “Don’t try to tell me that I was wrong You was the one lying all along I think you just want somebody else to take the blame”


  • “I bought you things that I didn’t even have the money for”


  • “If I could make you feel so rich, I don’t mind feeling poor”


  • “There’s something ’bout you so addictive, had me needing more”


  • “I just wanna hold you, Baby, you the one I want”
  • “I know I’ve said this all before but I’ll say it again You the only one I want and girl, I can’t pretend”


  • “The thought of losing you just makes no sense inside my head”


  • “You the reason I believe that love is real Ain’t nobody makes me feel the way you make me feel”


  • “Darling, tell me, is it real? Or was I lying to myself just to make it feel so real?”


  • “Ain’t nobody gon’ love you like I love you Ain’t nobody gon’ want you like I want you Ain’t nobody gon’ trust you as I trust you”


  • “I can’t love nobody anymore You the only one that I ever want”
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There’s nothing harder than losing the one you love the most
  • “I compare her to you, she has never won Now I wanna just be all alone”


  • “Nobody loves me like you And I can’t love nobody back”


  • “You remind me of the moon ‘Cause every night you coming back”


  • “What am I supposed to do? If I’m so in love with you I can not get over you”

Ali Gatie Lyrics Quotes

  • “Since you left me, every night, I go stare at the moon Wishing it was you and I, that’s something we would do”


  • “Every Sunday morning, I go watch the flowers bloom I do things we used to do, hoping I’ll run into you”


  • “What’s a lie and what’s the truth I can not get over you Doesn’t matter what I do Everyone just looks like you”


  • “Girl, I smell you everywhere Smell your perfume and your hair I try to act like I don’t care Everyone knows that I care”
Ali Gatie Lyrics Quotes
Don’t break me again I am delicate please don’t break my heart trust me I’ve been broken before
  • “Ever since I met you I cannot forget you You been running on my, running on my mind”


  • “Ever since I met you Now I know that you’re special”


  • “I been running circles tryna find Someone like you but you’re one of a kind”


  • “I been tryna figure out the reason that I lost you ‘Cause ever since I lost you, I feel lost all the time”


  • “Tell me what you need, I’ll get that You the one for me, I lost you, I regret that”


  • “Please let me fix the things I couldn’t fix before Tell me what you want, I’ll grab it”


  • “Baby, you the one, we got the magic So please let me do the things I didn’t do before”


  • “Yeah, I know There were times I pushed you away and it made you sad”


  • “I know It shouldn’t have taken losing you to see what I have”


  • “You gave me many chances and you feel I wasted all your time But I know I just need one more chance to love you and make you mine”


  • “If you wanna try, let’s try it If the love is there, why would we deny it? Please let me love you I wish I loved you better before”
Ali Gatie Lyrics
Ever since I met you now I know that you’re special
  • “If life was a movie I’d be your favourite actor You’d be my favourite scene You’d be my favourite chapter”


  • “My eyes never left the screen Since I saw you, the one that I been after”


  • “I could watch you over and over Filled my life with laughter”


  • “If life was a book You’d be my favourite author I’d read your words night and day And I would never bother to leave You’re the only book I would read”

Alie Gatie Song Lyrics Captions

  • “If life was a song This would be my favourite song I wrote this when you’re gone Wonder when you’re coming home”


  • “You used to be comfort zone Used to be my one And the only one I wanna hold”


  • “Remember you would wanna hold me Falling in my arms So I fell for you Foolish move that I fell for you”


  • “I can’t lie, you’re see-through I cannot believe you Even though you did me wrong For some reason I need you”


  • “How could you forget me When I couldn’t forget you”


  • “Girl, I want you I need you back, Girl, I love you Even if you don’t love me back”


  • “I can’t let you go Trust me, I’ve tried, and I swear I’m still trying to know”


  • “How to move on If somebody told me, I still wouldn’t know where to go”


  • “I’d follow the stars Wish I could see them, the sky feels so dark when you’re gone”


  • “I’d follow my heart But you took it with you the day you walked out of that door”
Alie Gatie Song Lyrics Captions
I don’t wanna say the wrong thing If I do there’s no coming back
  • “No, I can’t pretend That you and I had never met, no, If movin’ on means I should forget”


  • “Even if I could, I wouldn’t No matter what the price is, I would pay Don’t matter if I should or shouldn’t I would never give up anyway”


  • “Long nights of cryin’ I felt like I was dyin’ every night Rather keep on fightin’ At least then I’ve got a reason to fight”


  • “You gave me hope Something to hold on to and look forward to”


  • “You left me with scars and said that you were never involved”


  • “You knew I was weak You sold me a dream and knew I would believe in your lies”


  • “What’s wrong with me? I knew you were lyin’, but I had no courage to leave”


  • “I don’t know what to feel anymore What do I have to do?”


  • “I hate and love the rain But that’s just how I feel about you Some days you make me feel so happy Some days I feel blue”

Ali Gatie Moonlight Lyrics Quotes

  • “You still remind me of the rain That’s why I fall for you”


  • “How you go with someone else? How’d you leave me by myself? How’d you leave me all alone?”


  • “Yeah, you used to be my home I can’t even lie, want you by my side Yeah, you left me empty and it’s something I can’t hide”


  • “Everybody knows, they say that it shows They know that I miss you, so I wonder how you don’t?”
Ali Gatie Moonlight Lyrics Quotes
The though of losing you just makes no sense inside my head
  • “Sometimes, people start movin’ different And they start feeling different things”


  • “When you told me that you love me, was it something that you meant?”


  • “When I told you that I loved you, that’s the only thing I felt Told you I would take a bullet for you but then you still left”
  • “Never had to take that bullet but you were leavin’ felt like death”


  • “Lost my lover, lost my friend Lost my start and lost my end I’m not fine but I’ll pretend”


  • “You’re my what, how, why and when I still wonder how you are You’re so close but you’re still far”
Ali Gatie Moonlight
If you don’t think that we’re right for each other then please don’t let history repeat itself
  • “I can’t get to you by car ‘Cause you live inside my heart”


  • “You’re my sunshine, you’re my storm With you is where I belong You feel safe, you are my home Always been my comfort zone And now I live all alone”


  • “I think about you daily From the sunrise to the sunset I watch the water move Rememberin’ days you used to move”


  • “There’s something bliss about lovin’ you Like I was born to fall for you Like I was born to be hurt by your words You never meant to say, your words are poison”

More Ali Gatie Quotes

  • “I sip on your lies like it’s my favourite drink It’s like being addicted to something that’s killin’ you”


  • “You’re Heaven and Hell The warmest Summer and coldest Winter The sweetest soul with a heart so bitter, it never made sense to me”


  • “You taught me to love and heartbreak How to gain love and then lose it How to feel love and abuse it”


  • “Love is a drug I’m usin’”


  • “You’re my worst nightmare and favourite dream But isn’t it ironic the one I dream about’s the reason I can’t sleep?”


  • “How am I supposed to be alright? Ever since we split apart, no I’m not doing fine”


  • “I can’t lie, my life’s been really hard It’s difficult to see the light when life is feeling dark”


  • “Yeah, I got used to you So losing you, it hurts inside”


  • “There’s nothing harder than losing the one you love the most”
More Ali Gatie Quotes
How to move on if somebody told me, I still wouldn’t know where to go
  • “If I had a chance I’d try again, I’d try some more I feel it in my chest I feel it in my bones I know I’m used to pain It’s just never hurt like this before”


  • “Yeah we have coulda been forever been a legacy But you tryna fight claiming that we enemies Thinking bout the jealousy forgetting all chemistry”


  • “Loving you my speciality, you my secret recipe You helped me find my self a part of my identity”
  • “Been a couple of years, thought that id be over you Still hold the tears when I think of holding you”


  • “When I saw you cry, id just hold you gentle For you I prayed to god, to me you like a temple So tell me did you love me, or did you pretend to?”


  • “I wonder how you are I wonder if you think of me And when I’m all alone”


  • “I think of how things used to be I’m stuck here writing songs I wonder if they’re helping me The moments when you’re gone To me they feel like an eternity”


  • “The feelings that I got for you, cannot get rid of them What you gon’ say, I’m gon’ trust it, don’t need no evidence”


  • “The way we talkin’, we always talkin’ so intimately And that’s the reason I know our love is innocent”


  • “I just miss what we had, don’t you miss it too? All the things that we planned, things we meant to do I’ll do everything I can just to be with you One more time”

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More Ali Gatie Sayings
It’s you it’s always you if I’m ever gonna fall in love I know it’s gone be you

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